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A real extravaganza of wine and gastronomic culture, a hedonistic holiday without snobbery and tediousness
12:00 – 00:00
19-20 november
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12:00 – 20:00
Wine Weekend Festival

Wine Weekend Festival Vivid wine and gastronomic impressions

Admission for both days of the festival
* Master classes and the entire program
* Branded glass
* 14 tasting tokens
* Accompanied by a personal sommelier: will choose the perfect wine to your taste for any gastronomic delights and tell you about the features of each wine and food pairing
10 000 RUB
14 tokens
* Admission for both days of the festival
* Master classes and the entire program
* Branded glass
* 7 tasting tokens
3 500 RUB
7 tokens
Standard ticket for two
5 900 RUB
Tokens are needed to taste wines. And not "by a sip", but right here with a full glass. To definitely try it out properly. ;)
Run out of tokens but want to try more? No problem! On the spot you will be able to purchase additional tokens at a special price and taste endlessly. :) The cost of an additional token is 150 rubles.
The price per glass can be 1 – 2 - 3 or even 4 tokens for the most exclusive wines. You choose which wines to taste: democratic or luxurious.
more than 50 participants
350 wines
10 musicians and DJs
Duration 2 days
Bright life!
Wine tastings all day
Wine fair at the best prices from producers
Wine accessories and gadgets
Free personal recommendations from 20 sommeliers
Fascinating master classes from wine influencers and insiders
The best gastronomic food corners from the most famous manufacturers and suppliers
Lectures on the culture and history of wine
Music program with special and exclusive performances from DJs and musicians
Wine and gastronomic tourism
If registration is verified:

* Professional visitor badge
* Access to the B2B VIP lounge
* Entrance to the private B2B party on the evening of November 20th.

Welcome to intensive networking in a warm and cozy atmosphere of wine producers and suppliers, dealers and distributors, retail stores and chains, gourmet producers and suppliers, restaurant management and large corporate customers.

In the B2B VIP Lounge, you will have a chance to chat privately in a relaxed atmosphere over a glass of your favorite drink, and a private party will help to consolidate useful acquaintances and new contracts.
I`m going to the Wine Weekend
Public talk "Russian winemaking - Tricky questions"
Renowned journalist and author of the telegram channel "Drunken Master" D.P. will talk to the managing director of one of the country's largest wineries.
Masterclass "The right words. How to talk about a wine you like"
Wine enthusiast and the compiler of many wine cards V. L. will talk about different ways of describing wines and share some tips and tricks.
Master-class «Wine routes of Russia»
Wine tourism specialist G. K. reveals maps of the country's most interesting wine routes. From large and luxurious farms to cozy family wineries.
Public talk "Life after Michelin"
Columnist for glossy magazines and leading gastro journalist I. G. and renowned restaurateur I. T. Today and the prospects of the Moscow restaurant market.
Master classes
*Preliminary program, may be altered
Master-class «Russian autochthons - a new hope?»
Famous wine blogger and frequent judge at all-Russian wine competitions tastes and discusses the prospects for autochthonous varieties.
Join us!
Wine Weekend festival is created by wine culture enthusiasts and event industry professionals. Our goal is to make a bright urban event and to acquaint the general public with good wine, talented winemakers and the latest trends in gastronomy.

Want to introduce your company to the general public and industry professionals? Become an exhibitor.
Looking forward to seeing you!
12:00 - 00:00
19-20 of november
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